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Your joints are what keep you going in life, quite literally. But while running around, we sometimes don’t realise if our joints are facing some problems. They could be minor, but the problem could worsen in the long run. So find out your joint age to see where you stand.

Find Out Your Joint Age


Chondron ®

Cartilage Cell Therapy using your own cells

The Autologous ( body’s own cells) cell therapy, is for the treatment of cartilage defects in joints (knee, shoulder, ankle) by regenerating original cartilage in patients caused by ageing, or repetitive trauma/ accidents or wear and tear of normal life.

Cartilage repair procedure

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Ossron TM

Bone Cell Therapy using your own cells

The Autologous (body’s own cells) cell therapy, is for the treatment of bone defects in patients caused by degeneration, drugs, intense physical stress, diet, genetics, obesity, smoking, alcohol or diseases to help it heal naturally, providing complete lifelong relief and restored mobility without any side effects

Bone repair procedure

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Understanding Our bones and Joints

Various bones are connected to each other with the help of Joints. Joints render many types of relative movement to the bones.

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Introduction to Cell therapy

Cells are the basic unit of life and have the ability to build every tissue in the human body, hence have great potential for future therapeutic uses in tissue regeneration and repair

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And just how good is joint-replacement surgery?

Most articles about joint replacement surgery (and the surgeons who perform them) make statements such as: “The vast majority of patients who have their knees replaced are markedly improved” or “More than 80% of people who have their hip replaced are glad they had it done.”

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Bone damage and bone repair options

The bony skeleton is an active living organ surviving on its own blood vessels. It has two primary functions: structure and storage. Structurally, bones protect your other organs.

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What is Orthobiologics?
Orthobiologic therapies harness cells and proteins naturally found in human biology to help support efficient regrowth of musculoskeletal tissues, including cartilage, bone, tendons, and ligaments.

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Regenerative Cell Therapy: Who will benefit?

Joint pain (knee and hip) is a chronic problem amongst people. It can be attributed to a number of factors including physically strenuous jobs, injuries, fractures, etc. Unfortunately, replacement surgeries like Total Knee Replacement (TKR) or Total Hip Replacement (THR) cannot be recommended for everyone,

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Jonathan Joseph

Injury in knee, Uganda, Africa. Age - 26. Profession Football Player

“My doctor informed me Chondron® ACI was a new procedure. Less invasive, and could get me back to active sports. He also informed me that most of my shock absorbing cartilage layer was lost due to injury. I was on the verge of ending my football career. Chondron® has improved my life and I have returned to the national football team. I thank my doctor”.

Capt. Vikas Singh

Painfull Knee. Amritsar. Age – 52, Profession - Indian Army Officer

“With the intense physical exercise regime and active life, we army officers are used to having, painful knees which was restricting my daily routine and duties. I underwent physiotherapy for three months.

There was no major improvement. Under special request, I was permitted to consult a private orthopaedic doctor. The doctor told me I should undergo Chondron® ACI. Within 12 months, my movement is excellent and would like to thank the doctor and the makers of Chondron® ACI”.

Rohan Phadke

Shoulder Injury, Mumbai. Age 21. Profession - Badminton champion

I am a 21 year old badminton champion suffering from minor discomfort in moving my right shoulder. The discomfort gradually became worse with shoulder pain, soreness, shoulder weakness and swelling. MRI revealed the evidence of significant chondral injury to humerus and my doctor suggested me to undergo Chondron® therapy. Today I am confidently playing state level badminton tournaments.

I have resumed all day to day activities as it was earlier. Chondron® has really taken out the fear of an irreparable injury for a sportsman like me.

Ritu Sheth

Injury in knee, Pune, Age - 30. Profession - Mountaineer

“I am an active 30-year-old female who enjoys mountain climbing. In 2010, I was diagnosed with a severe cartilage injury of my right knee. I had an arthroscopic surgery in an attempt to reduce the increased pain I was having. But, the surgery did not help. I had researched about ACI and was also recommended by my surgeon. At nine months, I am now pain free with no stiffness. I can proudly say my knee is the best functioning joint on my body!”


Mr Anil Rastogi

Avascular necrosis of ankle, Bangalore. Age- 40 . Profession – Executive Director, SVK Printers Pvt Ltd.

At 40, I was diagnosed with avascular necrosis of talus bone. I was treated using Ossron and my doctor assured me that I do not have to suffer anymore now. Now, 3 years after the therapy, I have no pain in my ankle. I have regained mobility and leg strength. I can walk and jog. Today I am really happy as my therapy was a great success and I can perform all activities without any pain or anybody's support.

I am feeling 100% better and I can now indulge in any activity I like. Regenerative therapy has given me a new life.

Mrs. Suchita Kandahar

Non-union fracture in leg, Indore. Age – 45, Profession – Insurance Agent

I suffered a fracture due to a fall at home and broke the lower one third of my right fibula-tibia (leg) bones. 3 months after the regular treatment, the fracture did not heal. After going for Ossron Therapy on my doctor’s suggestion, MRI reports revealed that the fracture was united. Following strict rehabilitation guidelines, my condition got better with time. I was able to walk in 4 months. Now I am able to function like a normal human being and have successfully landed a job which had previously gone due to my condition.

“Össron Therapy is definitely a boon for patients like me”.

Anmol Shetty

Bone defect in right leg, Mumbai. Age- 20. Profession – Cricket player

I am a young Ranji cricket player and suffered a stress fracture in my right tibia. Throughout I experienced severe pain, tingling, and balance issues. Symptoms used to worsen at night or whenever my feet were elevated.

I had to stop playing. I underwent Ossron therapy. My fracture healed in 3 months post implantation. Within 5 months I again started practicing cricket. Today, I am about to join a Ranji team very soon and fulfil my dream of being a successful cricketer.

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