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Cell Therapy Blog

Introduction to Cell therapy :-

Cells  are the basic unit of life and  have the ability to build every tissue in the human body, hence have great potential for future therapeutic uses in tissue regeneration and repair.
Cell therapy is the branch of regenerative   medicine that involves introducing healthy  cells into a diseased tissue to trigger the body’s ability to heal itself.

Introduction to Cell therapy :-

Cell therapy Process

Principle of cell therapy :-

1.Removal of cells from the patient to be treated or from a donor

2. If necessary , purification of cells ,  in order to  retain only a single type of cell or modification or correction of cells   if they  come from a patient who has a genetic disease

3.  Amplification of cells 4.Implantation of cells in the patient  in the dysfunctional group of cells / damaged area

Which cells are used for therapy ?

Differentiated adult cells :- For example :- blood transfusion was the first cell therapy . Adult cells which are already given a special function like blood cells , white blood cells , platelets are used. Bone marrow transplant first done in 1960’s could help thousands of patients with diseased conditions.

Adult cells have several advantages when used for cell therapy :-