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Regenerative Cell Therapy: Who will benefit?

Joint pain (knee and hip) is a chronic problem amongst people. It can be attributed to a number of factors including physically strenuous jobs, injuries, fractures, etc. Unfortunately, replacement surgeries like Total Knee Replacement (TKR) or Total Hip Replacement (THR) cannot be recommended for everyone, especially for people in the comparatively younger age of 18-60 years. Currently, they are advised painkillers and physiotherapy to cope with the pain. However, these are half measures that are temporary in nature, and do not provide long-lasting relief. But with the advent of regenerative cell therapies from RMS REGROW – CHONDRON for cartilage/joint problems in ankles, knees, and shoulders; and OSSRON for hip pain – these patients can finally address this problem and gain long-lasting relief. Regenerative cell therapies are a natural and permanent solution to reversible and early-stage defect of cartilage and bone.

For patients with knee injuries, or problems in joints like ankles, hips, and shoulders, permanent loss of cartilage is an imminent danger. If the cartilage is not grown back, it can lead to permanent joint damage, and joint replacement in the future. The need of the hour for them is a revolutionary process called Autologous Chondrocyte implantation (or CHONDRON). It involves harvesting a small piece of healthy cartilage from the knee for the culture of new cartilage cells, which are then implanted back into the damaged joint. Once incorporated, the joint heals naturally, ensuring the patient goes back to his or her normal active lifestyle.

If there is a loss of bone, and delay in fracture healing (a condition known as Avascular Necrosis), then Autologous Bone Cell Implantation (or OSSRON) works best for them. In this procedure, bone marrow cells (stem cells) are harvested from the marrow and cultured in the laboratory.
However, it is important to understand that these two procedures are not recommended for elderly people in the 60+ age group, as cartilage and bone damage at this age is pretty much irreversible, and the only option to fix the problem is joint replacement surgery. CHONDRON and OSSON can only provide a natural and permanent solution for early defects in the joints/hip/young arthritic knee, where the patient’s joint is too young to be replaced. To ascertain your suitability to undergo regenerative cell therapy, get in touch with your nearest Apollo Hospitals orthopedic consultant by filling the form above.

*CHONDRON and OSSRON are patented & proprietary technologies of RMS REGROW. These therapies are exclusive for Apollo Hospitals.
This article is meant to be informational in nature and is not a substitute to medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.